‘Alone together’. A lecture by Naomi Stadlen on Tuesday 18th March

Naomi provides this description of her forthcoming talk: “In an intimate relationship, the barriers that usually separate one person from another soften. Both partners feel warm and alive. Without intimacy, people often complain of feeling hollow and cold. “I can’t find the right person,” they say. They may have partners, but the barriers between them remain. Many relationships either break down or get stuck. Naomi Stadlen will suggest a fundamental reason for this, based on two decades of work with clients and of discussions with mothers.”

Naomi has contributed chapter 3, “The Challenge of Intimacy: Fear of the Other” to Existential Perspectives on Relationship Therapy edited by Emmy van Deurzen and Susan Iacovou. She has published What Mothers Do – especially when it looks like nothing (2004), and How Mothers Love – and how relationships are born, which includes a chapter: “I can’t do intimacy” (2011).

Coaching people with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Professor Digby Tantam will be giving a talk at the Belsize Road synagogue on Tuesday 18th. February on ‘Coaching people with Autism Spectrum Disorders’. Digby is currently the chair of SoP. He has been coaching children, adolescents, and adults with ASD, and their carers too, for over 30 years, and will present some of what people with ASD have taught him about this coaching

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