Lecture with Prof Del Loewenthal

18th of October. Prof Del Loewenthal: Some Implications for Practice of Critical Existential-Analytic Psychotherapy, Counselling and Counselling Psychology

Prof. Del Loewenthal, D Phil, C Psychol, UKCP reg., MUPCA (accred.) is the Director of the Research Centre for Therapeutic Education and the Convener of Doctoral Programmes in Psychotherapy and Counselling in the Department of Psychology at the University of Roehampton.

In exploring a critical existential-analytic approach (after postmodernism), it is suggested that if we are to enable our clients to be clearer in their search for meaning, then there is an urgent need to consider such questions as: To what extent are governments now really interested in their citizens’ wellbeing through state provision and licensing of the psychological therapies, and to what extent is this more ensuring a form of social control?
Whilst this presentation will be critical of, for example, existentialism’s inherent narcissism and psychoanalysis’s theoretical violence, this is explored within the context the increasing concern about the growing state influences on the talking therapies in our neoliberal society. There is an increasing danger that the psychological therapies (including existentialism) are becoming far more part of the problem than the solution. Is it time that psychotherapists should understand more about such aspects as capital governance, power and social inequalities, such that their clients can be less imprisoned by their sexual, capitalistic and moral bonds? Evidence and research in the psychological therapies will be considered as cultural politically practices, illustrated by how NICE works. It is hoped to raise fundamental questions about the nature of knowledge in the psychological therapies.