Lecture on the 21st of June with Paula Hall “what’s wrong with porn”

What’s Wrong with Porn?

This lecture will explore both the pleasure, the power and the perils of pornography with particular emphasis on the growing issue of porn addiction. The controversy of the ‘addiction’ label will be explored along with the latest research undertaken in the field. Evolutionary theories of supernormal stimuli as well as an exploration of current social discourses on ‘healthy’ sexuality will be used to consider both the causes and potential treatment services for people experiencing problems with porn. The morally and politically sensitive issue of education will also be explored in light of growing evidence that the adolescent brain may be especially sensitive to erotic programming.

  1. Paula Hall is psychotherapist, writer and broadcaster who specialises in sex and pornography addiction. She provides treatment programmes for people who want to overcome compulsive sexual behaviours and also training for professionals. She is author of Understanding & Treating Sex Addiction (Routledge 2013) and Sex Addiction – The Partners Perspective (Routledge 2015) and Confronting Porn (June 2016).

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