Asleep on the Volcano-Forensic Psychotherapy. Tuesday 19th of March at 7pm

Asleep on the Volcano-Forensic Psychotherapy with Marcus Price.

Marcus will use literature, poetry and metaphor to reveal life behind the fence of a secure hospital, a place of distorted time, fragmentation and exaggerated friendliness, a culture that seals away unbearable feelings and histories that can sometimes erupt into violent enactment. He will describe his role as a psychotherapist, his countertransference reactions, the need to interpret them and how he actively helps patients find narratives that will include them as both victim and perpetrator. With themes of punishment and revenge, seduction and lure, and the constant danger of unconscious enactments with patients and staff alike, Marcus will refer to his work with staff teams, reflective practice groups as well as inpatient psychotherapy.

For over a decade Marcus has worked as a psychotherapist in a secure hospital. Having worked in the healthcare professions for over thirty-five years, he trained as a Mental Health nurse and then as a psychoanalytic psychotherapist at the University of Kent achieving two master’s degrees. He has also completed a Diploma in Group Analysis at the IGA and a Diploma in Supervision at the SAP. He is the founder of The Experiential Psychotherapy Initiative, which is a group of psychotherapists working as a cooperative, training health-care workers in psychodynamic ways of thinking. Marcus is a full member of the Group Analytic Society International and is poetry editor of the GASI newsletter Contexts

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