Lecture on 16/4/19 at 7pm with Helen Kewell. We Need To Talk About Ageing: an exploration of working therapeutically with older and profoundly old people

Please note this is a fee paying event £6 if booked via Meetup and £8 on the door on the evening.

“Older people rarely feature in counselling literature, and the very old barely at all, although this is changing as our society has begun to age rapidly. Helen Kewell seeks to address this often-overlooked topic by using resonant case studies describing her encounters with some of the old and very old clients with whom she has worked as a counsellor. Woven into these accounts are her personal reflections on how working with these clients has changed her and contributed to her own growth as a counsellor and as a human being. She also explores the theoretical and philosophical works that have influenced her practice, looking to humanistic, existentialist and experiential approaches to guide her in this largely uncharted territory.

Helen Kewell is a humanistic counsellor with a private counselling practice in Sussex, and volunteers as a counsellor and supervisor for Cruse Bereavement Care. She is the author of‘Living Well and Dying Well: Tales of Counselling older people’ which is out now via PCCS Books: https://www.pccs-books.co.uk/products/living-well-and-dying-well

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