Working with death and loss in therapy. Webinar by Aviva Barnet 7 pm 16th. June 2020

Synopsis: This webinar will look at types of losses,assumptions about loss, cultural beliefs around loss, working with short term unexpected loss versus an anticipated loss, and there will be an open discussion about the current situation of the corona virus and the impact on those working with people affected by loss right now, including to work with those dying alone.


Aviva Keren Barnett is an Existential Psychotherapist, Clinical Supervisor and International Lecturer. Aviva has over 15 years clinical experience and works in Israel and London. She works with individuals by phone, zoom, skype, and will resume to face to face work once the current world crisis is better. Aviva is a passionate and driven therapist who works hard to put her clients at ease as soon as possible, and she believes that anyone working in this field who does not feel passionate about it should perhaps revisit their choice of being a therapist. Aviva trained in Birkbeck, Regents, and NSPC 

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